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Option 1: Copy To Google Drive

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Option 2: Download To Computer

Click File > Download, and Download as the type you want.

Contract Instructions:

Use this contract to protect yourself. The Company is the business owner you are working with, and the Contractor is you. Please understand I am not an attorney or legal professional, even though this is what I use, use it at your own risk and it is recommended to have a professional review any legal agreements you use in your business. That being said, you should always use a contract in your freelance business.

Professional Services Agreement Contract Template

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Proposal Instructions:

This is my unique one-page proposal template. I have used this simple proposal to earn over $250,000 and refined it over the years. Instead of giving clients a long boring proposal, they don’t care to read, use this short one-page proposal that gets to the point and gets them to say yes.

I’ve also included a real filled out example of a proposal I sent to a client.

One-Page Proposal Template

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I want to thank you for taking action, but also for trusting me to deliver my freelance system to you. I have put together all this information over many years and now it’s yours to use and get results in your own freelance journey.


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